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Perhaps the biggest mistake that a business owner can make is doing something half-way. If you wouldn’t sell sub-par products, and wouldn’t offer sub-par service, why are so many people content with sub-par marketing efforts? It’s not logical, but a fairly common phenomenon. If you take your marketing seriously, you need

For the last year or so, marketing professionals have tossed around the idea that SEO was dead. We now know that a more accurate statement would be that keywords, for the most part, are as irrelevant as the typewriter. There are better tools to get the job done. Thanks to

Embracing social media isn’t natural for every business owner. Still, having a social presence has so much proven value that a slew of accounts are being set up every day. No one wants to miss out on the action. The problem is, many accounts either stagnate or never really get

Marketers will say just about anything to get your money. The fact is, getting rich on the Internet is something anyone can do…without a major time or money investment! Step One: Build It and They Will Come All advertising needs an ultimate destination. So, you need to build yourself a website. This