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Costly Marketing Shortcuts

The Easy Way Comes with Risks Taking shortcuts can typically get us to our destination more quickly. Taking certain marketing shortcuts, however, can cause irreparable [...]

SEO is Lost Without You

Get Involved and Stand Out Gone are the days of handing off your SEO campaign to someone to “handle it” without your involvement. Sure, it [...]

The Perils of Low Bid Marketing

It’s an exciting time when you make a big marketing move with your business. You’ve done your research and you’re ready to start looking at [...]

2015 Rings in a Whole New SEO

As you look at your competitors online, you may wonder why they deserve to be ranked higher in the results than you. After all, you [...]

Did You Know We Do This, Too?

Have you ever driven all over town to get what you needed for a project, only to find out later that you could have gotten [...]

Do You Take Your Marketing Seriously?

Perhaps the biggest mistake that a business owner can make is doing something half-way. If you wouldn’t sell sub-par products, and wouldn’t offer sub-par service, [...]

Keywords are Irrelevant

For the last year or so, marketing professionals have tossed around the idea that SEO was dead. We now know that a more accurate statement [...]

Recognizing the Marketing Con Man

Many people approach an online marketing agency like they would an auto mechanic. They come in armed with just enough knowledge to "protect" themselves. Honestly, [...]

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