By Published On: April 1, 2014Categories: Marketing

Marketers will say just about anything to get your money. The fact is, getting rich on the Internet is something anyone can do…without a major time or money investment!

Step One:
Build It and They Will Come
All advertising needs an ultimate destination. So, you need to build yourself a website. This step is super-simple and doesn’t have to cost you a penny. There are plenty of high-quality drag-and-drop sites out there that you can obtain free of charge. You will be amazed at how quickly you will have your professional site up and running! Just set aside about an hour, plug some photos you took yourself into the template, and add a couple of very general paragraphs about your business. Oh! And, be sure to have social media icons on your site. It doesn’t matter if you actually post anything, just the icon is enough to show people that you’re in the modern movement. If you have a video that plays automatically when visitors land on your site, that would be extra slick, but not absolutely necessary.

There is no need to be a marketing expert to build the perfect profit horse of a website; the template does the work for you. Plus, it’s already search-engine-friendly, so get ready for the visitors to start flooding in! Want exponential success? Buy a bunch of URLs with keywords in the name and create identical replicas of your first website at those locations. You’ll need a currency counter to keep up with incoming flow of cold hard cash!

Step Two:
Spend at Least $10,000 in Google AdWords Each Month
In the first 90 days after your website goes live, you will need to determine whether you are content with your newfound success, or if you wish to grow your business even more. AdWords is a fantastic choice if you want to get rich almost instantaneously. Even a miserly $10,000 investment each month will typically produce a return of 200% of more. Just be sure that you have resources in place for when the boon hits.

And, by the way, you don’t need hire someone to do a job that any Joe could do. Google takes the guesswork out of AdWords, so all you really have to do is walk through their setup instructions and you’re done. If you want, you can also get guidance from any blog post you happen to see online. Every one of them contains brilliant advice. One thing you need to remember, though, is make sure you cast a wide net so that every broadly related concept pulls in traffic. It takes about 30 minutes to set up a campaign; then, you just let ‘er rip. Before you know it, you will have multiple store locations and a vacation home where you spend most of the year!

Step Three:
Do Your Own SEO
Some say that SEO is dead. While that is not the case, it is true that it has changed so dramatically that hiring an agency is not necessary anymore. Forget about complicated link building to prove your relevancy to the search engines. All you really have to do is build your free drag-and-drop website, and the special coding on the template will automatically notify Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. that your site is important enough to be in the first page of search results. It’s really that simple.

If you’re the kind of person that always goes the extra competitive mile, you could also load up your site with keywords. Search engines love that! Wanna be sneaky about it? Just change the font color so that they are invisible to the naked eye, and reap the rewards!

So, did we catch you believing the unbelievable? We just couldn’t pass on a good April Fools’ Day spoof! The golden rule of thumb that we follow in Internet marketing is that if it sounds too good to be true, it is. If putting buyers in front of sellers at the crucial moment they are making their purchasing decision were that simple, everyone could do it and we would be out of business. For more information about how you can really make money online, we would be happy to take an in-depth look at your business and propose an affordable and effective solution.