By Published On: October 13, 2023Categories: Marketing

Like most businesses, at one point there is a search for information about having a website built, a website redesign or online marketing. If you don’t have a website yet, then read on and save your sanity. If you have one already that you want replaced, read on and plan your next move the right way.

Inevitably, you are out networking or you already know a web developer – so you call them up and ask the worst possible question you can ask: “How much would it cost for a website for my business?

We understand that you may have budgetary concerns, but quite simply you are approaching your business marketing problem from the wrong angle. When you start by focusing on cost before you even know what you need – disaster is a very likely outcome. That acceptable or great priced website could cost you much more in the end.

Don’t be the person who says their website doesn’t bring them business – so websites do not work for you.

Asking how much first is akin to asking a caterer how much food costs without them knowing what type of event, how many guests, dietary need of guests and what kind of event. The caterer will show up with some sort of food in some quantity for whatever costs they told you. You will have “food”… but will you have a successful outcome. But a successful event depends on the right type and amount of food.

Here’s What Happens When you Ask How Much a Website Costs As Your First Question:

  • It Takes Focus Away From Mission Critical Tasks: Everyone has different needs, so naturally no two websites are alike.  Your first mission critical talk is to determine what business problems your website can solve.  To approach from any other standpount first is a potential recipe for failure. Most likely you will end up as one of those businesses that claims their website doesn’t give much business for them; rather it just acts a versification.
  • It Leads to Inevitable Costs Overruns: A bargain price will most likely not fulfill the mission critical tasks we mentioned above. Besides time there are are also physical costs in getting a purposeful, professional website up and running. When the budget runs out so does the patience and ability of the web designer who will begin asking for more costs because critical issues were not pre-planned. this is the “Gasoline” that starts all of the cost overrun web stories we all here.
  • It Creates Adversarial Relationships Versus Working Towards The Same Goal: This absence of enough funding also creates trouble between te client and agency who should be working together.  The client wants to get as much as possible for their spend and the agency is trying nt to go over costs nor paralyze their staff from other profit generating services. With different goals, teamwork cannot exist. proper planning means proper goals.
  • It Loses Sight That Measurable Marketing Goals Should Be One of First Discussions: Of course the first discussion should be all about your own business, your customers and what business problems you have (Not enough clients, limited by hours, location, etc). with all of that knowledge, you and your designer should create goals that the website will achieve and notate how it will help solve your business problems.
  • It Makes You Forget That Returns Are More Important Than Costs: Rather than focus on costs, focus on what type of returns you need to change and grow your business. Then, plan what your website needs to do to help you accomplish that goal. To put it another way, $25k is not an incredible price for a small used truck, but it’s an excellent price for a new Mercedes Benz. However, if you need to haul something to make money, the truck is the better value. If you want to re-sell, then the Mercedes is better. The same thing applies to websites and Online Marketing. What what kind of car/website you need to achieve your goal of changing your business?

The goal of any website project isn’t to spend the least amount of money, nor to spend a lot. The goal is to figure what will transform your business and how to get there. You should have a defined set of goals determined together by your business and your online marketing expert along with a map to get there. Spending too little can be just as bad as spending too much.

Which leaves the question?  What is the best first question to ask?

Ask an web professional or agency: “How can you help me change my business?