By Published On: August 4, 2014Categories: Paid Search Advertising, SEO

Have you ever driven all over town to get what you needed for a project, only to find out later that you could have gotten them all in one place? You may have contracted with us to build a website or get your business found online, but we want to take a moment to make sure that you know the extent of what we do right here under one roof. We are a full-service marketing agency that specializes in website design and development, search engine optimization, Google paid search, social media management, and graphic design. So, when you need additional website or marketing services, now you know what you have in your pocket!

While many marketing companies have a single area of proficiency, Spiral Cities Marketing has a broad range of online marketing expertise. That puts us in the unique position of being able to look at what you want to achieve, and design a solution that’s right for your business. We have the experience to help you make the right choices and properly integrate your various marketing efforts to maximize their effect.

With a true interest in making your business thrive, we keep our eye on ROI. We make custom recommendations based on which marketing efforts you can reasonably expect to turn a profit. To that end, here is a list of our services:

Website Design & Development
As marketers first and foremost, everything we do on a website is done with a marketing strategy that speaks to both visitors and the search engines. Our team can build you a top-notch site, including a solid SEO foundation, maintenance and training that goes beyond what most other agencies or designers can offer. We treat every website as a unique product that has to meet the design and functionality needs of YOUR business. We can take your site beyond just looking fantastically sleek. We can make it easy to comprehend, navigate and effectively “speak” to your target audience.

Your website isn’t doing what it was built to do if you don’t have a strategy to bring natural search traffic. Through ethical SEO methodology, we can help you reach the front page of Google to grab that traffic. The goal of the campaign is to make your business one of the most relevant resource to answer a consumer’s search. We accomplish this by using multiple strategies that adhere to Google’s guidelines. We don’t depend on tricking Google like many of our competitors. SEO is a long-term solution that has a very high ongoing ROI.

Paid Search
If you already have a site, or we built it, you need qualified visitors. We can help you target customers at the moment they are ready to buy or decide. Our Google AdWords experts can bring you the right traffic, whether local or national. We do more than simply manage your account and optimize it; our experts do whatever it takes to make your campaign work. Paid search gives you an immediate positive impact to your website traffic and bottom line.

Social Media
Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms offer an excellent opportunity to engage your existing and future clients in a conversation. By nurturing those relationships, your great content (and business name) will naturally spread through those networks. We can do it for you or in tandem with you, depending on how much you want to be involved.

Graphic Design
There is no need to put off a new website just because you need some artistic work. We have an in-house graphic designer who can create original logos, design a custom layout, crop and resize images, etc. Just let us know what you need!

Website Maintenance
As wonderful as WordPress is, every installation requires a certain level of maintenance done at regular intervals to stave off hackers, software conflicts, site crashes, and other common site disasters. In response to that need, we offer an affordable WordPress Maintenance Package that keeps your site functioning properly.

Website Hosting
When we build a website for you, it can be hosted anywhere. Many of our clients, however, prefer to keep things in-house for tighter control and faster problem resolution. We have a state-of-the art server with the level of service and security you would expect of any professional web host.

We truly appreciate all of our past, present and future clients. Before you drive all over town, please check with us. We’d love to help with your next project!