By Published On: December 30, 2013Categories: Paid Search Advertising

I’m a bit far removed from the actual gold mining experience; yet, it does make for a perfect Internet Marketing analogy. First, everybody who heads to the hills (and to the front page of Google) expects to get rich. Second, not everyone does. Let me explain not only why that is the case; but, how to increase your chances of success.

The guy who strikes out on his own with the tools he had in the shed is not fully convinced that he will find gold. He minimizes his investment in hopes of maximizing his profit. The problem is, he is leaving much of the gold finding mission to chance when it is really a hunt for the experts. How can he expect to outperform a team of highly trained and geared-up miners? Being ill-prepared and without backup is a considerable risk, both physically and financially. It is much the same as running an AdWords campaign with $100 and Google as your free tour guide! In the cruel world of online marketing, you not only get what you pay for; but, you often pay for what you don’t get.

In order to get the most out of a mining expedition, you need to pack like you mean it. You get the best tools, the best information and maps, and the best team to work with. Sure, you may have to share the profits; but, your success rate is going to be substantially higher. If you really believe there is gold (or buyers for your product or service), you will invest in the trip, knowing that the return will more than cover the expenses.

It simply makes sense to run a marketing campaign professionally. When we run a Paid Search campaign, our resources and experience ensure our clients’ success. That success, however, needs to be kept in perspective and relative to the investment made in the campaign. In other words, $399 a month does not a millionaire make, just as a single miner’s pan does not uncover a mountain of gold. In both cases, the goal is positive results, which starts the moment the expense of the campaign (or expedition) is covered and the first dollar of profit is made.

Many people think of the Internet as an ATM much like our ancestors thought of the West as an untapped gold mine. Unlike an ATM though, the Internet is not a box of money. It is a place that connects you to people with money. It is your job to be there when they look, convince them that you have what they want, then deliver on that promise as seamlessly as possible. We can help you do that in the most cost-effective way known to modern man…Google AdWords. But, if you plan to make a million, it will take more than a minimum investment. It’s all relative.

No one expects to buy a top quality leather jacket for $5; yet, many people expect a few marketing dollars (with no professional assistance) to turn into a fortune. Of course that is irrational; but, it happens all the time. Sadly, spending too little online can be even more risky than spending a bit more because it takes a certain amount to compete. The point? You have to decide what your goal is, then plan your campaign accordingly, preferably with some trusted expert assistance to help properly gauge what it will take to get there. Otherwise, you will be like the thousands of miners who came home with less than what they started with.