By Published On: July 22, 2015Categories: SEO

Get Involved and Stand Out

Gone are the days of handing off your SEO campaign to someone to “handle it” without your involvement. Sure, it can be done, but not remarkably. Much is lost without you. Search engines need to know that you are current, active and producing the useful content expected from the experts. Otherwise, they’ll assume the opposite and rank you in the bowels of organic search results accordingly. As such, you must make sure that the information and expertise that makes your business unique trickles down to the people “speaking” for you online.

[box_colored_alternative border_color=”e.g. #57b7d6″ title=”SEO is not about telling the world you exist.
It’s about making it obvious that you are the best at what you do.”][/box_colored_alternative]

In the SEO of 2015, there is a high demand for quality content, both on and off your website. If just anyone could put that content together, you wouldn’t be special. So, someone on your team must keep your marketing agency informed so they have the substance to back up your greatness. Knowledge of your industry can be garnered through research, but they’re not promoting the industry. They’re promoting your particular business within the industry.

We are often asked what goes into SEO. That’s not an easy question to answer in a word, a sentence or even a paragraph. There are a lot of cogs in the SEO wheel, and a holistic approach is important. Whether you’re an author, a dentist, or a hair stylist, an effective campaign cannot come out of a pre-set box of solutions, even if an agency specializes in your industry. We look for new opportunities to build your brand as well as opportunities for improvement on your website based on what makes your business unique.

In the real SEO day-to-day, we start with a goal and a strategy, then work on a million inter-connected tasks to get the results we want. At any given time, we may be a writing a press release, making a social media post, adding a new page on your site, or finding just the right media outlet to quote you as an expert. It could also be that we are busy addressing a website hack, coding errors or improper domain redirects. Building a solid linking portfolio is key, and it involves building relationships with the right people who can help get your brand the attention it needs. Every client is different. Every campaign is different. Every day is different. But, one thing is the same across the board. You can’t take shortcuts to ranking on the first page of search results. You have to earn it.

So, for your marketing agency to earn those optimal results, they must know what is going on in your business. Things that may not seem like a big deal to you, may be a useful nugget of information that they can run with. So, keep in regular contact, and share a little insider knowledge.

Examples of Valuable SEO Information Nuggets

  • sponsorships
  • changes in the industry
  • videos
  • conferences
  • vendors
  • events
  • workshops
  • new products
  • certificationsvaluable-information
  • news
  • expansion
  • software releases
  • notable clients
  • success stories

Incorporating these types of business details into your SEO campaign is essential if you want to dominate the search results. Years ago, it was enough just to open a brick-and-mortar store and wait for people to come. And a few short months ago, it was possible for someone to handle your SEO campaign in a vacuum. The times, the algorithms, and the competition have all changed. But, with the right team to put an online spotlight on your expertise, the effort will be well worth it. Just be sure that those speaking for you are given the insight they need to effectively represent your exceptional business.